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Quantum Computing for Electrical Grid Optimization


E.ON is one of the largest electrical utility service providers worldwide. As such, E.ON is facing a wide range of computational challenges due to the digital transformation of the energy sector, as well as the ongoing transition to renewable energy sources.


On the other hand, once it matures, quantum computing is promising significant advantages to a range of a range of complex computational problems we know of today.


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Dynamic Price Incentivization for Carbon Emission Reduction using Quantum Optimization

Key factors of Q-Grid

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing enhances efficiency and reliability in electrical grid optimization.

Electrical Grid Optimization

Electrical grid optimization aims at sustainable, efficient energy distribution and usage.


Sustainability focuses on meeting needs without compromising future generations' resources.

Provided services

Research and


Comsysto Reply contributed to the project by conducting thorough research on the applicability of quantum computing in the energy sector, specifically focusing on load scheduling using dynamic pricing.

Computational problem-solving


Comsysto Reply helped in dealing with complex computational tasks, such as solving the optimization problem of scheduling price discounts.

Exploring quantum computing applications


Comsysto Reply played a significant role in exploring the use of quantum computing to solve complex problems from the energy sector.

Documentation and Report Writing

Comsysto Reply assisted in documenting the research findings and writing a pre-print report, summarizing the results and potential future applications of quantum computing in energy sector.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

Working as part of a consortium with E.ON, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and Aqarios GmbH, Comsysto Reply contributed to a collaborative approach to solve complex problems in the energy sector.

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