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Charging Station Administration

Highly scalable management of configuration and firmware updates for charging stations


Elli, a brand of the Volkswagen Group and a provider of energy and charging solutions, operates a charging network with over 500,000 charging stations throughout europe.

Key factors for Elli’s success as an operator of charging stations include a highly scalable management of configuration and firmware updates for charging stations.

Max Fischer, Head of Technical Operations at Elli

"We have not merely built the strongest Charging Station Administration Service I have seen throughout my professional career - the Team has pushed and grown commonly beyond what we had imagined when we kicked off the project. REPLY has indeed contributed a lot to the objectives of the project by always challenging our ideas in order to strive for the most effective results and implementation. I am very proud of this collaboration and looking forward to even more projects to come."

Key factors of Charging Station Administration

Firmware Management

The firmware in the charging stations is updated regularly, promptly and automated.


Handles vendor-agnostic hardware within a single network

Configuration Management

Monitor or change the settings configured on a charging station

Provided services

Technical product management

Bridging business goals with technical solutions to create the administration solution successfully.


Solution Architecture for the hardware administration domain where the firmware
management is part of


Cloud infrastructure management on Google Cloud Provider

Frontend Development

Design and implementation of micro-frontends that seamlessly integrate with the 1st and 2nd level Elli customer support.


DevOps approach with “you build it, you run it” responsibility on-call duty for 3rd level support

Backend Development Firmware Management

Design, implementation and runtime responsibility for the firmware management, the central domain where firmware is configured, released and rollouts are triggered manually or automatically and take compatibility between certain station models and versions into account.

Backend Development Configuration Management

Design, implementation and runtime responsibility for the configuration management including configuration twins, diagnosis tools, remote configuration changes and load management.

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