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Your software engineering partner to enable sustainable energy transition


What we offer

Vehicle charging

Bidirectional and
Smart Charging

Bidirectional and smart charging have the potential to make a strong contribution in managing peak loads in the grid. It offers end customers the opportunity to purchase electricity when it is particularly cheap or comes from renewable sources. Take advantage of our expertise in OCPP and load management and let us shape the future of the energy market together.

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Charging Station Map for Europe

Our map of charging stations has the power to integrate various publicly available data sources. Through intelligent algorithms, we combine the data of charging stations and thus form the basis for routing EV drivers and can make recommendations for the placement of charging stations. You want us to integrate with your data? Talk to us.

Scalable IoT solutions

Scalable IoT solutions

We design, implement and operate your IoT devices in the cloud. Whether it's smart meters, wallboxes, charging stations or PV systems, we have the skills to integrate and connect them. We manage the firmware and configuration of your edge devices and monitor them so that you have full control and overview of the status of your devices at all times.

Quantum Computing for Electrical Grid Optimization

Quantum Computing for Electrical Grid Optimization

Quantum computing is promising significant advantages for a range of complex computational problems. One appliance we utilise is optimisation of load scheduling using dynamic pricing to shift electricity consumption to times during the day where there is abundance of renewable energy in the grid, thus reducing CO2 emissions.


Smart Charging

B2C smart charging solution

Charging Station Administration

Highly scalable management of configuration and firmware updates


Quantum Computing for Electrical Grid Optimization

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Focus on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and culture

Comsysto Reply places great emphasis on sustainability, social responsibility and employee wellbeing. Our unique culture values creativity, passion and environmental activism, leading to greater engagement of people within their projects. By balancing a focus on sustainability and a modern work environment, Comsysto Reply is a valuable partner and serves as a model for companies looking to create a positive change. Join us on the journey to a smarter energy future.

About Smart Grid by 

We at the Smart Grid team of Comsysto Reply engineer solutions for the energy economy by utilising cutting-edge technology to enable rapid transition towards sustainable energy integration. Agile software development combined with cloud and DevOps expertise enable us to deliver unmatched value to our partners. 

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